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IMAGES(2)  Science Plan for 2013-2023
Подробнее о IMAGES(2) Science Plan for 2013-2023
НазваниеIMAGES(2) Science Plan for 2013-2023
ОписаниеGiven growing concern over the role of anthropogenic forcing of climate change, the need is greater than ever to understand the complex workings and sensitivity of Earth's climate system. Beyond the relatively short reach of instrumental data, the study of natural archives that preserve information of how the coupled Earth-Ocean-Atmosphere system has changed through time provides an important contribution to such understanding. Over a remarkably successful decade and a half of research, the IMAGES Program (International Marine Past Global Change Study) has demonstrated its standing as a major platform for fostering international, collaborative research into the ocean's role in climate change. This science plan outlines the international IMAGES community vision for a successor program that builds upon past accomplishments and that rises to the challenges of a new era of marine-based paleoclimatic research.
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