Ocean physics, marine geology, marine biology, marine engineering
Ocean physics, marine geology, marine biology, marine engineering
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Marine geology - Marine geology laboratories
Name Position Phone Fax
Lisitzin A.P. Head of the lab. of physico-geological studies +7 499-124-85-28
Nemirovskaya I.A., Head of the analytical Laboratory +7 499-125-33-55
Matul A.V. Head of paleo-oceanology and biostratigraphy Lab +7 499-124-60-77
Baranov B.V. Head of the Laboratory of paleogeodynamics +7 499-124-79-42
Lobkovsky L.I. Head of the Seismology and geodynamics Laboratory +7 495-124-59-90
Shreider A.A., Head of the geophysics and tectonics Lab. +7 495-129-21-81
Kulikov E.A. Head of S.L.Soloviev tsunami Laboratory +7 499-124-87-13
Palshin N.A. Head of the geophysical fields Laboratory +7-495-124-79-56 +7-495-124-59-83
Merklin L.R. Head of the Seismostratigraphy Laboratory +7 499-124-85-40
Dmitrievsky A.N, Head of the Lab. of oil and gas formations +7 499-124-88-40
Kuznetsov S.Yu. Head of the Laboratory of sea shelves and coasts +7 499-124-62-22
Peresypkin V.I. Head of the ocean chemistry Laboratory +7 495-129-19-90
Dubinin A.V. Head of the geochemistry Laboratory
Ivanova E.V. Head of The Paleoceanographic group
Russian Academy of Science
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