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In December 2012 will be 25 years of Mir submersibles creation, which were built on Rauma Repola by order of the Academy of Sciences USSR. The contract for MIRs creation was signed on May 16th 1985, acceptance protocol - on December 17th 1987.

The head of the project was professor Igor Mikhaltsev (1923-2010).
His deputy was Dr. Anatoly Sagalevich, who worked on Rauma Repola during whole period of MIRs creation - in 1985-1987.
Chief engineer from Finnish side was Suali Ruohonen, leaded the team of Finnish engineers and technicians took part in submersibles construction.

General ideas about vehicles construction, design of their different systems and elements, equipment by navigation and scientific instruments belong to three mentioned above persons.


The submersibles were built in extremely short time. Deep ocean trials were provided in Atlantic ocean in following order: Mir-1 - 12.12.1987 on 6170 m depth; Mir-2 - 13.12.1987 on 6120 m.

In August-October 1987 Rauma Repola provided the refitting of r/v Akademik Mstislav Keldysh as support vessel of the Mirs. And our state came the owner of unique - only one in the World deep ocean research complex with two manned sixthousanders aboard.

If to take in the consideration that during last 25 years only four submersibles, capable to dive on 6000 m (two others - in France and Japan) were exist, Russia was undisputable leader in the exploration of deep ocean. This point was recognized by the scientists and deep ocean experts around the world. In 1994 Mir submersibles were recognized as the best in the world between identical technical means, created in the history, by World Technology Evaluation Center.

Different sides of Mirs operations during 25 years are introduced in the article of Dr.Anatoly Sagalevich, published in December issue of Sea Technology: Quarter century of research with the MIR-1 and MIR-2 submersibles.

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