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The Institute of Oceanology carries out joint scientific work with the leading Russian institutes of higher education, such as Moscow State University, Moscow Physical-Technical Institute, Moscow State Technical University, Moscow State Geological Academy (Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute) and others. In cooperation with the above institutions scientific seminars, schools and meetings were organized on a regular bases with the participation of students engaged in diploma paper writing, students of the higher education institutes and post-graduates of IO RAS.

The leading scientists of the Institute of Oceanology give advice to students engaged in term and diploma work. In 2004 alone the IO RAS scientists delivered more than 30 special courses for students of different institutes of higher education. The Institute of Oceanology is a basic institute for the Chair of Oceanology of the Moscow State University, the Chair of Thermohydromechanics of the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute and the Chair of Acoustics of the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute; 7 leading scientific schools are awarded grants of the President of the Russian Federation.

The Institute of Oceanology is engaged in research within the framework the Federal Special Programme "State support of integration of higher education and basic research" under the project "Baltic educational-scientific centre" in Kaliningrad State University (leader of the project - Prof. Emel'yanov E.M.).

The recent years have affirmed the efficiency of coordination of research carried out by IO RAS scientists and their colleagues of different Russian institutes of higher education, active involvement of Academy's scientists into the process of training. Cooperative field research with students and post-graduates as its participants is developing.

The most essential work implemented in cooperation with the institutes of higher education in 2004 comes to the following:

  • Under the Federal Special Programme "Integration", the Baltic educational-scientific centre in oceanology and geoecology (BESC) continued research under Programme B 0047 - "Baltic Sea research". The project is lead by the Atlantic Department of IO RAS, the participating institutions include: the Geological Faculty of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Kaliningrad State University (KSU), Baltic State Academy of the Russian Submarine Fleet, the World Ocean Museum of (WOM) of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and Baltic Institute of the Ecology of the Hydrosphere of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. The objective of the project consists in fundamental, prospecting and applied studies of the Baltic Sea, organization and carrying out of field practice of students and school pupils, marine and offshore expeditions. Marine expeditions and complex offshore and coastal expeditions were successfully carried out in the Baltic Sea in 2004 with participation of lecturers and students of the Moscow State University and the Kaliningrad State University. Practical work with students of the Geography and Geoecology Faculty of KSU continued in MWO. Special lectures were organized and carried out for students and young researchers of KSU and the Atlantic Department of IO RAS. New training aids have been prepared (Scientific coordinator - Prof. Emel'yanov E.M.)
  • Kosobokova K.N. is a co-leader in the Federal Special Programme entitled "Integration of the Ministry of Education and Science and Higher School (integration between the Moscow State University and IO RAS)"on the problem "Arctic under global climate change", Project 0953-K; every year she organizes and carries out experimental work at the White Sea Biological Station (WSBS) of MSU.
  • Within the framework of scientific cooperation with the Biological Faculty of MSU, scientists of the Laboratory of ecology of littoral bottom communities are in charge of winter practical work of students at the Southern Department of IO RAS, and of summer practical work at WSBS of MSU.
  • For many years Yu. A. Bognanov, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, and Academician A. P. Lisitzen were organizers (as members of the Organizing Committee) of schools for students on the subject: "Metallogeny of the recent and old oceans" (the city of Miass, the South Urals). Ten such schools for students with plenary and sectional reports and field work have been held on the basis of the Miass mineralogical reserve.
  • V.V. Zmur is Head of the Chair of Thermohydromechanics of the Ocean at the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute, being at the same time a lecturer at two yearly and one half-yearly courses and running seminars at the Institute. # Prof. I.O. Murdmaa and E.V. Ivanova, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, gave advice and leadership to 6 students of the Geological Faculty of MSU when the students did practical work at sea aboard the R/V "Professor Schtockman" (the 63-rd cruise).
  • Every year students are usual participants of field work in the sea coastal regions carried out by the Laboratory of behaviour and bioacoustics of marine mammals (the Laboratory is headed by V.M. Bel`kovich, Doctor of Biological Sciences).
  • Lead by G.A. Korneeva, Candidate of Biological Sciences, students have determined protease and amylase activity in 60 sea water and mixing zone water samples on the basis of the materials taken on a winter cruise of the student`s practice (January, 2004). Leader - D.D. Badyukov, Chair of the Rational Use of Nature, Geographic Faculty, MSU. The practical work was aimed at studying transformations of structural-functional parameters of continental run-off in the mixing zone between the Chernaya (Black) river and the Sevastopol Bay. Analysis of the ecological situation in the zone made with ferment test systems has revealed a considerable contamination of water in the vicinity of urbanized regions and oil bases (Vershinin A.V., Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Chemistry of the Near-Bottom Layer).
  • The monography, "Modern problems of geotectonics and geodynamics", co-authored by L.I. Lobkovsky, A.M. Nikishin and V.E. Khain (2004) will be used as a manual for students and magistraters of the Geological Faculty of MSU (Lobkovsky L.I., Doctor of Physical and Mathematical sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Seismology and Geodynamics).
  • Under the Federal Special Programme "Integration" a project has been launched entitled: "Creation of a training scientific-methodic centre at the V.I. Vernadsky State Geological Museum, Russian Academy of Sciences, for preparation of specialists of higher education and RAS institutions in the field of GIS technologies application to the solution of fundamental and applied problems of geology and ecology" (V.V. Sivkov, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Scientist-in-Chief of the project, Southern Department of IO RAS, Laboratory of experimental hydrophysical studies).
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