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Ocean physics, marine geology, marine biology, marine engineering
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Akademik Sergei Vavilov
The Institute's research fleet based at the ports of Kaliningrad and Gelendjik incorporates three large-capacity (more than 6 thousand tons displacement) research vessels: "Akademik Mstislav Keldysh", "Akademik Sergei Vavilov" and "Akademik Ioffe"; two medium-capacity (more than 1 thousand tons) vessels: "Professor Shtockman" and "Rift" and three small-capacity (less than 1 thousand tons) vessels: "Shelf", "Aquanaut" and "Aquanaut-2". All the vessels are fitted up with modern navigational systems, research instruments and equipment for complex studies of the ocean.

In the last years, the number of scientific expeditions aboard the Institute's research vessels grows steadily. The Institute's research expeditions numbered 292 vessel-days in 2000, 363 in 2001, 454 in 2002  and 558 in 2006. Practically all the expeditions are of a complex character and include nature protection and ecological studies.

The Institute owns 5 underwater manned research vehicles: two MIR submersibles capable of diving a depth of 6 km, two PISCES submersibles of 2 km diving depth and an "Argus" vehicle of 600 m diving depth.

Throughout its history the Institute made studies connected with the Russian national security interests. The studies included monitoring of the Russian atomic submarine "KOMSOMOLETS" wreck site in the Norwegian Sea and detailed studies and videotape recordings of the Russian atomic submarine "KURSK" sinking site. The deep-water manned submersibles MIR were used for inspecting the lost "TITANIK" and the battleship "BISMARK" in the deep ocean. For that work the Institute was rewarded with Russian and international awards. The Institute is successful in fulfilling various research programmes, including applied engineering-ecological research, under contracts with many Russian and foreign companies.

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