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Publishing activity is defined by the IO RAS Charter as one of the main types:
21.5. Publishing activities (establishment and publication of scientific and popular science journals on the profile of the Institute for the publication of research results of scientists of the Institute and other scientific organizations, publication of monographs, scientific and methodological materials, collections of scientific papers, conference materials containing the results of scientific activities).

The Institute provides the publication of the oldest (since 1961) leading Russian journal in the field of marine sciences "Oceanology", indexed by the Web of Science and Scopus systems, the journal "Fundamental and Applied Hydrophysics" indexed by the Scopus system, the Journal of Oceanological Research, which has resumed its issues since 2017, as well as monographs, scientific and methodological materials, collections of scientific papers, conference materials.


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The scientific Journal of Oceanological Research is published since 1959 by special thematic issues and is a well-known printed publication. 

Since 2017, the journal has been published in an electronic online version in the field of ocean sciences and publishes original scientific articles on topical issues of technology development for marine research, theoretical and experimental results in physical, chemical, biological and geological oceanology, marine ecosystem research, ocean processes and the atmosphere and their interaction, including using information technologies and satellite monitoring to solve the fundamental and applied problems of the oceanology.

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The journal Oceanology was founded in 1961 as a multidisciplinary journal in the field of marine sciences. It is the leading journal in a wide range of theoretical and experimental areas of ocean science.

The founders of the journal are the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Department of Earth Sciences of the RAS, Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the RAS. 

The journal is published 6 times a year in Russian (ISSN: 0030-1574) and English (ISSN: 0001-4370) languages. Full text from publisher.

The publication is peer-reviewed and is included in the VAK List for the publication of works of applicants for academic degrees. The journal is presented in many databases, including the Web of Science, Scopus and RINC. (Impact factor JCR 0.838 (2019), RINC 1,706).

The journal Fundamental and Applied Hydrophysics (Fundamentalnaya i Prikladnaya Gidrofizika) is published under the guidance of the Department of Earth Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the peer reviewed, included in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission, is published four times a year by the doctor of technical sciences Anatoly Rodionov, the director of the St. Petersburg branch of the IO RAS.

Parallel name: Fundamentalnaya i prikladnaya gidrofizika. 

Impact factor RINC 2018 ? 0.497, CiteScore 2019 ? 0.5

It is intended for scientific workers, engineers, students, post-graduate students and university professors specializing in the field of fundamental and applied hydrophysics.

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