WEB-resources of Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of RAS

The Department of Information Technologies of the IO RAS has developed and installed a multi-domain web server that allows supporting a large number of domains and websites. By connecting additional domains of the third or second level, it was possible to develop and launch, within the WWW.OCEAN.RU portal, individual websites for specific projects or departments, as well as local web services (intranet sites), which are an internal information resource of an organization.

As a result, during 2007-2017 within the main domain of the Ocean.Ru project, the following information resources were developed and put into operation:

  • http://ocean.ru/
    - the main portal of Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of RAS (ocean physics, marine ecology and biology, marine geology, marine technology, archive of scientific reports and technical documentation on the activities of the Institute, information about the research fleet and ongoing expeditions, current and operational information, illustrative material).
  • http://70.ocean.ru/
    - site of the scientific conference dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Institute of Oceanology. The site contains conference materials (reports and presentations).
  • http://atlantic.ocean.ru/
    - site of the Atlantic Branch of the Institute of Oceanology (Kaliningrad). The main directions of the department's activities, information about the scientific base "Baltic Spit", brief reports on the work carried out and the main results are presented.
  • http://paicex.ocean.ru/
    - the site of the project "Panarctic Ice Drifting Expedition" (PALEX) 2007-2009, dedicated to the study of climate change in the Arctic and presenting the diary of the current expedition in on-line mode, archives of diaries of previous expeditions, information about the participants, as well as scientific reports on the conducted research.
  • http://aqualog.pro/
    - site of the innovative project "Robotic anchored measuring and information complex AQUAZOND". Developed within the framework of the theme "Unique instrumentation" in 2008-2009. A general description of the development, design features, principles and schemes of data transmission and telemetry information, reports on the conducted field tests and preliminary results of work, plans for the further development of the complex are presented.
  • http://nigmatulin.ru/
    - personal site of the acting scientific director of the Institute of Oceanology, academician R. Nigmatulin.
  • https://yulnur.ocean.ru/
    - personal site of the assistant director of the Institute of Oceanology Yu.N. Khaliullin. Developed in 2009. Contains biographical information, bibliography, scientific and journalistic articles on the study and development of the World Ocean and the Arctic, as well as on topical problems of modern fundamental science.
  • http://ias.ocean.ru/esimo
    - information portal, completed in 2007. within the framework of the project "Unified Information System on the Situation in the World Ocean" (ESIMO) in cooperation with Roskomhydromet of the Russian Federation. The site contains information about the expeditions of the Institute of Oceanology, expedition data with the ability to carry out sampling and preliminary processing.
  • http://optics.ocean.ru/
    - the website of the Ocean Optics Laboratory with color maps showing monthly average distributions of chlorophyll a concentration, scattering by suspended particles and absorption by yellow matter in the Barents, White, Black and Caspian Seas, calculated using data from the SeaWiFS satellite color scanner from 1998 to 2008. Algorithms of calculations and analysis of the results obtained are given.
  • http://disser.ocean.ru/
    - site dedicated to dissertations defended at the Institute.
  • http://geoschool.ocean.ru
    - permanent site of the International Scientific Conference-School on Marine Geology. The site contains archives of conference materials for recent years.
  • http://msoi.ocean.ru
    - permanent site of the scientific conference "Modern Methods and Means of Oceanological Measurements" (MSOI). The site contains archives of conference materials for recent years.
  • http://karaeco.ocean.ru/
    - permanent site of the Scientific Conference "Ecosystem of the Kara Sea".
  • http://polygon.ocean.ru
    - the site of the Black Sea Experimental Range, created on the basis of the Southern Branch of the IO RAS. The site contains information about the landfill, reporting documentation, supports operational data transfer.
  • http://p-prod.ocean.ru
    - site of the project "Primary productivity of the World Ocean". Contains research results from the past few years.
  • http://globalconductivity.ocean.ru
    - website of the Laboratory of Geophysical Fields of the IO RAS
  • http://land.ocean.ru
    - website of the Laboratory of Interaction between the Ocean and Land Water and Anthropogenic Processes, IO RAS
  • http://intrusions.ocean.ru
    -site of the project "Study of intrusive layering and eddies in the Arctic basin"
  • http://argo.ocean.ru
    - site of the "ARGO" project
  • http://igormelnikov.ru
    - personal site of the Arctic researcher, DSc of Biological Sciences I.A. Melnikov. The site contains a selection of the author's scientific works over the past 40 years.