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Atlantic Branch of the IO RAS, Kaliningrad

Director of the Atlantic branch IO RAS Dr. Vadim Sivkov

Atlantic branch IO RAS

Prospect Mira 1, Kaliningrad 236022
tel.: +7 (4012) 956911 fax: +7(4012) 916970

Site of the Atlantic Branch of the IO RAS (Russian language)

The Atlantic Division of the Institute of Oceanology in Kaliningrad includes 6 laboratories - experimental hydrophysical research, coastal systems, marine physics, geology of the Atlantic, geoecology, marine ecology, as well as the experimental department, the department of acoustic methods of ocean research, the scientific and educational center.

The number of employees of the Atlantic Division and the Atlantic Fleet Base in Kaliningrad is 446 people.

Laboratory of the Atlantic Branch of the IO RAS

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Director of the Southern branch of the IO RAS Sergey Kuklev

Южное отделение ИО РАН

1G Prostornaya St., Gelendzhik, Russia, 353467
Tel/fax 8-861-41-280-89

The Southern Branch of the IO RAS is located on the shores of the Blue Bay of the Black Sea, 15 km from Gelendzhik. The Branch employs 125 people, including 4 doctors of science and 12 candidates of science. There is a small research boat Ashamba available for scientific cruises.

Research directions

  • Hydrological structure and its variability, convective processes and their role in the formation of water masses
  • Sea and ocean currents, their variability, the transfer of water masses, heat and salts; eddies and the variability of hydrophysical and environmental characteristics of the sea
  • Role of hydrological and biological processes in the self-purification of the sea from anthropogenic pollution
  • Hydrochemical structure of water, dynamics of O2 , H2S, pH, forms of N, phosphates, etc.
  • Сoastal zone dynamics
  • Cenozoic geological history of the World Ocean and the formation of mineral resources
  • Microplankton studies
  • Development of technical means of studying the World Ocean

Laboratories of the Southern Branch of the IO RAS

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Director of the St. Petersburg branch of the IO RAS, DSc (Technical Sciences), Andrey Lobanov
Head of the scientific direction "Fundamental and applied hydrophysics", Corresponding Member of RAS, Anatoliy Rodionov

Address: 1st Line 30,Vasilievsky Island, St. Petersburg, 199004, Russia

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Site of the St. Petersburg Branch of the IO RAS

Recent research achievements

Surface and internal tides in the Arctic Ocean have been modeled. The significance of the contribution of diapicnic mixing induced by internal tidal waves to the formation of the ocean climate has been proved.

It is shown that climate warming will lead to the expansion of anoxic and hypoxic zones. A reduction in nutrient load under the Baltic Sea Action Plan will only partially offset the negative effects of warming.
Alternative approaches to the theory of underwater vision are proposed. Methods for calculating the image contrast, signal-to-noise ratio, and detection and recognition ranges of underwater objects are proposed. The reality of the generation of turbulence in the field of potential waves has been proved: both theoretically and experimentally. The developed mechanism of the transition of wave energy into turbulence energy.

Laboratories of the St. Petersburg branch of the IO RAS

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Director of the North-Western branch Dr. Ekaterina Kotova

Северо-западное отделение ИО РАН

North Dvina Emb. 112-3-321, Аrkhangelsk, 163061 Russia
Tel: +7(8182) 42-00-47

Major work streams

Processes of mixing sea and river water in estuarine areas of northern rivers.
Assessing the impact of suspended and dissolved substances from the water intake of the White Sea basin on the formation of depositional regime.
Mathematical models of the dynamics of water and transport of substances in estuarine areas of northern rivers.

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Director of the Caspian Branch of the IO RAS Vladimir Ushivtsev

Bottom station for monitoring the quality of the environment and biota

Savushkina St. 6-27-5, Astrakhan 414056, Russia
Tel.: +7 (8512)-54-45-59

Site of the Caspian Branch of the IO RAS

The main directions of study:
Bottom stations for monitoring the quality of the underwater environment and biota in the Northern Caspian Sea and evaluating impact of the natural and anthropogenic factors on them.
Durable and ecologically capacious models of bottom stations. 
Multi-component method to assess the impact of environmental factors on biota.


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