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Director of the Atlantic branch IO RAS Dr. Vadim Sivkov

Atlantic branch IO RAS

Prospect Mira 1, Kaliningrad 236022
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Site of the Atlantic Branch of the IO RAS (Russian language)

The Atlantic Division of the Institute of Oceanology in Kaliningrad includes 6 laboratories - experimental hydrophysical research, coastal systems, marine physics, geology of the Atlantic, geoecology, marine ecology, as well as the experimental department, the department of acoustic methods of ocean research, the scientific and educational center.

The number of employees of the Atlantic Division and the Atlantic Fleet Base in Kaliningrad is 446 people.

Laboratory of the Atlantic Branch of the IO RAS

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Coastal Systems Laboratory

Head: Dr. Boris Chubarenko

Currents and water level in the coastal zone and lagoons of the Southeast Baltic during a W-NW storm surge of 20 m/s (simulation data)

The main directions of study:

Evolution of coastal systems of non-tidal seas with the climate change and the anthropogenic influence. 

Monitoring, assessment and modelling for integrative coastal zone management. 


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Laboratory for Marine Physics

Head: Dr. Irina Chubarenko

Cold isopycnic intrusions: the beginning of the cold intermediate layer formation in the Baltic Sea (the Gulf of Gdansk coastal zone)

The main directions of study:

Formation of cold intermediate waters of the Baltic Sea: processes and regions.
Investigation of the role of the intermediate layer in the thermohaline conveyor of the Baltic Sea.
Physical and dynamic properties of marine microplastic particles and their transport in the basin with a vertical and horizontal salinity gradient on the example of the Baltic Sea.

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Laboratory for Geology of the Atlantic

Head: Dr. Leyla Bashirova

Distribution of the total organic carbon (TOC) in the topmost sediments (0-5 cm) of the Baltic Sea

The main directions of study:

Geological and geochemical studies of the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, paleo-reconstructions of the geological environment and climate.
Magmatism geology and mineral resources at reference sites of the Southeast Baltic Sea, the North and Polar Atlantic.

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Laboratory for Environmental Geology

Head: Dr. Marina Ulyanova

Comprehensive studies of the geological conditions of the Southeast Baltic

The main directions of study:

Changes in the geological environment of the Atlantic ocean shelf seas under the anthropogenic load.
Monitoring of the geoenvironmental state of the Southeast Baltic.

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Laboratory for Marine Ecology

Head: Dr. Elena Ezhova


The main directions of study:

Regularities of biota formation and some mechanisms of regulation of homeostasis of coastal marine ecosystems under changing environmental conditions.

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Vadim Sivkov

Director of the Atlantic Branch of the IO RAS
PhD (Geological and Mineralogical Sciences)

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