Director of the St. Petersburg branch of the IO RAS, DSc (Technical Sciences), Andrey Lobanov
Head of the scientific direction "Fundamental and applied hydrophysics", Corresponding Member of RAS, Anatoliy Rodionov

Address: 1st Line 30,Vasilievsky Island, St. Petersburg, 199004, Russia

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Site of the St. Petersburg Branch of the IO RAS

Recent research achievements

Surface and internal tides in the Arctic Ocean have been modeled. The significance of the contribution of diapicnic mixing induced by internal tidal waves to the formation of the ocean climate has been proved.

It is shown that climate warming will lead to the expansion of anoxic and hypoxic zones. A reduction in nutrient load under the Baltic Sea Action Plan will only partially offset the negative effects of warming.
Alternative approaches to the theory of underwater vision are proposed. Methods for calculating the image contrast, signal-to-noise ratio, and detection and recognition ranges of underwater objects are proposed. The reality of the generation of turbulence in the field of potential waves has been proved: both theoretically and experimentally. The developed mechanism of the transition of wave energy into turbulence energy.

Laboratories of the St. Petersburg branch of the IO RAS

Children categories

Laboratory of geophysical boundary layers

Head: Dr. Alexey Zimin


The main areas of research:

Extreme (rogue) waves: statistics, mechanics and probabilistic forecast methods.
Investigation of nonlinear and short-period internal waves by contact and remote methods.
Coupled modelling of the atmospheric boundary layer and ocean wind waves.
Parametrization of ocean – atmosphere interaction for weather and climate models.
Geodynamic analysis of deep sedimentary basins.

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Laboratory for modeling ocean biogeochemical cycles

Head: Dr. Anton Dvornikov

017The main areas of research:

Modeling changes, including extreme ones, in biogeochemical cycles in the high-latitude seas of Russia.
Modeling the distribution of pollutants in the ocean, seas, lakes and river estuaries.
Study of the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems and eutrophication of inland seas and lakes.

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Laboratory of ocean and atmospheric optics

Head: Dr. Maxim Rodionov

Images of an underwater test object in an experiment on a laboratory setup: undistorted (left), distorted by excitement, instantaneous (right) and reconstructed

The main areas of research:

Fundamental and applied investigations of the optical methods of World ocean study.
New directions of research. Within the framework of the main theme, it is planned to conduct full-scale experiments to study the spatial inhomogeneities of hydrooptical characteristics and record hydrophysical processes using the developed radiometric lidar.

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Laboratory of numerical experiments in ocean dynamics

Head: Dr. Dmitriy Romanenkov

Averaged (over a tidal period) integral (in depth) density of baroclinic tidal energy  in the Arctic Ocean

The main areas of research:

Modelling of the surface and internal tides in the Arctic Ocean.
Influence of the White Sea on tides in the adjacent seas of the North European Basin.
Role of the spatial inhomogeneity of the bottom hydrodynamical roughness on tidal dynamics and energetics in shallow adjacent seas.
Spectral method of construction and numerical solution of non-hydrostatic hydrodynamic models with an open boundary.
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Laboratory complex

Head: Dr. Konstantin Filin

ris1 260x196Main areas of research:

Performing experimental studies of dynamic processes taking into account the rotation of the Earth and complex geomorphological conditions of coastal waters and the sea shelf. The pool can be used to study the dynamics and structure of vortices in a homogeneous, multilayer, saline-stratified fluid. Parameterization of ocean-atmosphere interactions for weather and climate forecast models.
Study of acoustic phenomena in liquid.
Physical modeling of hydrophysical processes in the depths of the marine environment, at the “water-air” and “water-bottom” interfaces.
Study of surface and internal waves, the interaction of waves with each other, the interaction of internal waves with the bottom, as well as wave-vortex and turbulent processes in a stratified fluid.

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Center for Applied Hydrophysical Research

Head: Dr. Sergey Malkov

лабMain areas of research: 
Carrying out fundamental, exploratory and applied research commissioned by government and commercial organizations. Development of proposals for the implementation of the results of hydrophysical research and development in economic, environmental, defense and other areas of state activity. Development of proposals for launching new R&D in the field of applied hydrophysical research. Promotion of St. Petersburg branch of the IO RAS as a performer of R&D and expert-analytical activities in the field of applied hydrophysical research and development.

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Andrey Lobanov

Director of the St. Petersburg Branch of the IO RAS
DSc (Technical Sciences)

St. Petersburg Branch of the IO RAS
Directorate of the IO RAS

Anatoliy Rodionov

Head of the scientific direction "Fundamental and applied hydrophysics"
DSc (Technical Sciences), Professor
Corresponding Member of RAS

St. Petersburg Branch of the IO RAS