Leopold I. Lobkovsky

Scientific Head Marine Geology direction
Head of Laboratory
DSc (Physical and Mathematical Sciences),
Academician of RAS

Laboratory of Geodynamics, Georesources, Georisks and Geoecolog
Marine Geology

36, Nakhimovskiy prospect, Moscow, 117997,

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Geophysicist, DSc on physical and mathematical Sciences, Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Laboratory of Geodynamics, Georesources, Geosciences and Geoecology, Head of Geological Sciences, Shiroshov Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Professor of the Chair of Geology and Mineral Exploration of the Institute of Natural Resources of Tomsk Polytechnic University.

SPIN-код: 8234-1315
AuthorID: 34065
IstinaResearcherID (IRID): 7352348


In 1972, he graduated from the Department of Mechanics and mathematics of Moscow State University. In the same year, he entered the graduate school of Shiroshov Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of Sciences, from which he graduated in 1975 with a PhD Thesis on "Geomechanical model of subduction zones".

In 1985, he defended his DSc Thesis "the Nature of geodynamic processes, geophysical fields, and seismicity in spreading and subduction zones".

Scientific career

Since 1972, consistently passed the stage of Junior, Senior, leading, Chief Research Officer, becoming Deputy Director of the Shiroshov Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of Sciences for geological direction in 1993, Since 1994 - Head of Laboratory of geodynamics, geo-resources, geohazard and geo.

Scientific activity

L.I. Lobkovsky's main research interests are related to the application of continuum mechanics methods to solving problems of geodynamics, marine Geology and Geophysics, and Oceanology. He developed quantitative geodynamic models of the processes of spreading and subduction of the ocean lithosphere, cycles of the strongest tsunamigenic earthquakes, collisions of lithospheric plates, evolution of passive continental margins, sinking of the basement of sedimentary basins; proposed the concept of two-tier plate tectonics; predicted the strongest tsunamigenic earthquakes in the Central Kuril Islands in 2006–2007. The processes of propagation of the corresponding tsunami waves in the Pacific Ocean and the sea of Okhotsk are modeled; a thermochemical model of mantle convection is proposed, which is used for numerical modeling of the global evolution of the Earth throughout its history.

He is the head of the work by order of the Federal Agency for subsoil use: "Building politekhnicheskij reconstructions and models of the stress state of the lithosphere of the Arctic region in relation to justification of the outer limit of the continental shelf of the Russian Federation in the Arctic" (2010–2012). It is part of the Coordinating group of the Federal Agency for subsoil use for geological, geophysical and bathymetric studies to further substantiate outer limit of the continental shelf of the Russian Federation in the Arctic Ocean.

He is a member of the expert Council on the Arctic under the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

Organized an innovative direction for the development of marine geological and geophysical research using high-resolution data acquisition technologies for the development of hydrocarbon resources on the Russian shelf. He created the Caspian branch of the IO RAS in Astrakhan, on the basis of which complex geological, geophysical and environmental studies of the Caspian Sea are conducted and scientific support for large oil and gas projects is provided. In particular, for the first time in Russia, a system of continuous geodynamic monitoring of oil and gas production on the shelf at the Yu. Korchagina NK "LUKOIL" in the Northern Caspian Sea with the help of bottom stations connected by cables to the platform.

International recognition of his work resulted in his election as a full member of the European Academy in 2000.

Author of more than 250 scientific papers and 10 monographs. The book "Geodynamics of spreading zones, subduction and two-tiered plate tectonics" (1988) was widely recognized. The largest generalizing work is the monograph (written jointly with V.E. Khain and A.M. Nikishin) "Modern problems of geotectonics and geodynamics" (2004).

Main publication

Shipilov E. V., Shkarubo S. I., Lobkovskiy L. I. Middle-Late Paleozoic duplex rifting of the Barents Continental Margin and the role played in formation of the East Barents megabasin. Doklady Earth, 2018, Vol. 482, No. 2, pp. 1288-1292.

Shipilov E. V., Lobkovskiy L. I., Yurik R. Y. SPATIAL-TEMPORAL TRENDS OF LATE MESOZOIC PLUME MAGMATISM IN the ARCTIC DURING FORMATION OF the AMERASIAN BASIN. Doklady Earth Sciences, 2017, Vol. 472, No. 2, pp. 138-142.

Shipilov E. V., Lobkovsky L. I. Plumby late Mesozoic magmatism in the Arctic region: geochronology, phase, and geodynamic conditions of the manifestation.  Arctic: ecology and economy, 2016, No. 2 (22), pp. 72-81.

Lobkovsky L. I., Nikiforov S. L., Dmitrevsky N. N., libina N. V., Semiletov I. L., Ananyev R. A., Meluzova A., Roslyakov A. G. ON the processes of gas RELEASE AND DEGRADATION of UNDERWATER PERMAFROST ROCKS on the LAPTEV SEA SHELF. Oceanology, 2015, Vol. 55, No. 2, pp. 283-290.

Chekhov V. D., Lobkovsky L. I., Sheremet O. G., Shipilov E. V., Kononov M. V. The Shear system in the earth's crust of the Bering and Chukchi seas – a relic of the boundary between the Eurasian and North American lithospheric plates. In the collection Tectonics and geodynamics of the continental and oceanic lithosphere: General and regional aspects, series Proceedings of the XLVII Tectonic meeting, place of publication GEOS Moscow, 2015, Vol. 2, pp. 252-256.

Awards and honors

  • 2014 Main prize of the international academic publishing company (MAIK) "Science/Interperiodika " for the best publication in the journals of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2013

Other professional activities

  • may 24-26, 2016 all-Russian scientific conference "Actual problems of dynamic Geology in the study of platform areas", Member of the program Committee (Moscow, faculty of Geology, Moscow state University, Russia).

Editorial activity

  • Member of the editorial Board of the journal " Volcanology and seismology»;
  • Member of the reactionary Board of the journal "Arctic: ecology and Economics".