Scientific Council of the St. Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oceanology RAS

St. Petersburg Branch of the IO RAS


Atajanova Oksana, Senior Researcher, PhD (Geographical Sciences)

Belonenko Tatyana, (SPbSU), Prof., DSc (Geographical Sciences)

Bulgakov Kirill, Senior Researcher, PhD (Physical and Mathematical Sciences)

Volzinger Naum, Senior Researcher

Holmstock Alexander, Chief Researcher, PhD (Physical and Mathematical Sciences)

Dvornikov Anton, Leading Researcher, PhD (Physical and Mathematical Sciences)

Zimin Alexey, Chief Researcher, DSc (Geographical Sciences)

Kagan Boris, Chief Researcher, DSc (Physical and Mathematical Sciences)

Lobanov Andrey, Chairman of the Academic Council, Director of St. Petersburg Branch of IO RAS, DSc (Technical Sciences)

Malova Tatyana, Scientific Secretary of the Academic Council, PhD (Geographical Sciences)

Malkov Sergey, Leading Researcher, PhD (Technical Sciences)

Monakhov Roman, Leading Researcher, PhD (Technical Sciences)

Nikitin Dmitry, Leading Researcher, PhD (Technical Sciences)

Rodionov Anatoly, Deputy Chairman of the Academic Council, Corresp. Member of RAS, Honored Worker of RF, DSc (Technical Sciences), Prof.

Rodionov Maxim, Leading Researcher, PhD (Physical and Mathematical Sciences)

Romanenkov Dmitry, Leading Researcher, PhD (Geographical Sciences)

Rumyantsev Vladislav, Department of Earth Sciences of RAS, Scientific Director, Academician, DSc (Geographical Sciences)

Ryabchenko Vladimir, Chief Researcher, DSc (Physical and Mathematical Sciences)

Sofina Ekaterina, Leading Researcher, PhD (Physical and Mathematical Sciences)

Timofeev Sergey, Deputy Director, PhD (Technical Sciences)

Filatov Nikolay, Chief Researcher, Corresp. Member of RAS, DSc (Geographical Sciences), Prof.

Chalikov Dmitry, Chief Researcher, DSc (Physical and Mathematical Sciences), Prof.

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